Summer Civil Rights Camp

The Civil Rights Movement was a transcendent period in American History. Fighting against racial segregation, hatred, and discrimination, the movement began the path toward equality and justice for all Americans. Furthermore, the struggle was nonviolent and brought equality and justice under law to all Americans.

Ruby Lee Prevo advocated for a society free of racial inequality. She supported the Civil Rights Movement by participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott along with other civil rights rallies and demonstrations that took place there.

The Ruby Lee Prevo Foundation continues her legacy by providing a summer civil rights camp which is designed to provide high school students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge about the Civil Rights Movement. The summer civil rights camp is a non-residential program designed for rising 9th-12th grade students.

This academic experience is aimed at examining the significance and impact the Civil Rights Movement made in America. Students accepted into the week-long summer civil rights camp will: