Ruby Lee Prevo

The Ruby Lee Prevo Foundation was established to honor the name and legacy of Mrs. Ruby Lee Prevo. Ruby was an extraordinary woman who modeled faith, dignity, courage and strength. She was also known for her kindness, compassion and service to others. People often said that, her kind, loving spirit lightened the day of those around her.

Ruby was born in 1925 on a plantation in Lowndes County, Alabama. After her mother passed, she moved to Montgomery to live with an aunt when she was 14 years old. She married at age 16 and had nine children. She worked as a domestic all of her life.

Ruby was a dedicated wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, special loved one and friend. She was deeply rooted in her community and a very faithful and active member of her church. She participated in many church ministries including the Matron’s Guild Auxiliary. The Matrons were leaders in ministering to the needs of members in the church, particularly women.

In addition, Ruby is noted for her brave involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. She advocated for racial equality and justice by participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott along with other Civil Rights demonstrations and rallies that took place in Montgomery, Alabama. Ruby’s most threatening experience was the rally in 1961 held at First Baptist Church Ripley Street where civil rights leaders and protestors, including Ruby, were held hostage overnight by the klan riding horses around the church holding torches. After many hours of fear and uncertainty, they were escorted out of the church the next morning by the Alabama National Guard.

After the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts were passed, Ruby began educating family and community members about the importance of exercising their rights. She urged individuals to become registered voters. Also, Ruby encouraged younger people to pursue higher education as a means of achieving a better quality of life.

Through the Ruby Lee Prevo Foundation, we seek to carry on Ruby’s legacy of service, support and advocacy for those less fortunate. We seek to operate in her spirit of kindness, love and dignity while working to combat poverty and inequality as well as encouraging education and wellness.